Microstar, Inc.
About Microstar

Microstar has a proven capability for innovative design of microwave antennas with very difficult specifications, on a quick-reaction basis. Software tools are available to provide antenna system analysis, including surface-current integral and moment method programs, finite-element structural analysis programs, and orbital performance calculation of probability-of-intercept, link margin, and geolocation accuracy. Additionally, Microstar has a state-of-the-art antenna range which provides antenna measurement with cross-polarization levels more than 65 dB down, and reflections more than 75 dB down. Our customers include Naval Research Lab, British Aerospace Systems, Motorola, NASA, and Lockheed-Martin.

Microstar was organized in 1987 as a Florida Chapter S corporation. We are a small company with 8 full-time employees - four engineers and four technicians. The antenna range mentioned above has a 1350 square foot steel building for assembly, testing, and office space. At another location, an 800 square foot laboratory is used for manufacture of graphite and fiberglass epoxy reflectors and antenna components. Additionally, all four engineers maintain an office in their homes, linked by the internet, as well as by fax and phone.