Microstar, Inc.
Homer Bartlett, President

In 1986, Homer Bartlett Sr. decided that the time was ripe to create an antenna and RF consulting company that could respond very quickly to client needs. Having managed a team of 47 engineers in the systems management division of Harris Corporation and later directed the RF Systems Division of CSI, he knew the advantages of a small, nimble, quick-thinking company.

With over 42 years of experience in the industry, 'Dork Senior' (as he's called by his adoring co-workers) has designed, built, and tested nearly every type of antenna imaginable. From doppler, monopulse and TDOA to interferometer and switched Butler array antenna systems, there aren't many antenna problems he hasn't seen and solved. Homer holds or co-holds nine patents from his work at Harris Corporation.

In building Microstar from a two person operation to what it is today, Homer is personally responsible for every facet of the company. He designed the antenna test range, with -70 dB cross-polarization (originally for testing the Windsat antenna). He has generated computer models for predicting satellite antenna system performance, geolocation accuracy, and probability of intercept. He designed a 4 Ft. X-band Apex-fed Monopulse Radar Antenna for tracking anti-aircraft missles, as well as a 12 Ft. C-band Cassegrain Monopulse Radar antenna using an eight-horn feed system for low difference pattern sidelobes. He's even performed conceptual design of a piezoelectric scanned waveguide array for a NASA SBIR program.

If you've got an antenna or RF system question, why not ask him?