Microstar, Inc.
Michael Smythers, Engineer

Michael Smythers joined Microstar in 1996 as the company assumed more design and testing jobs to complement the consulting side of the business. He's in charge of the R&D lab and the test range, where he tests prototype and finished antennas. He's also responsible for company equipment and maintenance, and computer analysis and programming. In other words, Mike is the Go To Guy.

Mike was responsible for the tuning and testing of the Windsat antenna feeds, some of which required greater than 65 dB isolation between orthogonal input polarizations, and some of which required circular polarization with axial ratio better than 0.2 dB. There are 11 total Windsat feeds with frequencies from 6.8 Ghz to 37 GHz.

Prior to joining Microstar Mike worked at Roth Electronics, where he was responsible for the design and service of MATV and CATV systems for multiple distribution of television signals.