Microstar, Inc.
Antenna Test Range

Microstar's antenna range is highly automated and is capable of extremely precise antenna measurements. The range was developed for testing and calibrating the Windsat spaceborne antenna, a 6 ft offset antenna with 11 feeds operating from 6.8 GHz to 37 GHz which will be used to measure wind speed and direction over the ocean from space. The Windsat calibration required extremely low cross-polarization and reflections. Polarization grids are used on the transmit antennas to obtain the extremely low cross polarization levels. The extremely low reflection level is a product of the range geometry.

The antenna range geometry is available on the range diagram page. As shown there, the specular reflection point is 39 degrees from the antenna boresight which provides great discrimination against reflections. The range is on the flat top of a 40 ft. high berm, so there are no buildings on either side of the range to reflect microwave energy and corrupt the measurements. The range is completely automated, with full control of the tower transmit equipment from the receive end of the range. Antennas up to 15 ft. diameter can be tested in the building. Larger antennas can be tested on a positioner mounted outside the building.