Microstar, Inc.
Low Axial Ratio Daul CP Corrugated Feeds

These feeds are used in offset parabolic or Cassegrain antennas for applications requiring two orthogonal circular polarizations with low axial ratio and high polarization orthogonality. They can be tailored to any 9-10% frequency band up to 40 GHz. The performance of a 37 GHz model is shown below.

Space-qualified versions operating at 10.7, 18.7, and 37 GHz are being fitted to the Windsat satellite which will measure wind speed and direction over the ocean.

Axial ratio chart for 37 GHz dual CP Corrugated Feed.

Axial Ratio of 37 GHz dual CP feed (model #CR35DC39)

VSWR chart for 37 GHz dual CP corrugated feed.

VSWR of 37 GHz dual CP feed (model #CR35DC39)