Microstar, Inc.
Ka-band Radar Antenna

The 42 inch diameter Ka Band Radar Antenna provides high performance full 3-channel monopulse capability in a lightweight, high stiffness package for use in high dynamics autotracking radar applications.

The feed system uses a monopod subreflector support made of quartz-epoxy, thus avoiding the structural resonance problems associated with spars. The reflector is a two-piece composite structure with a circular composite backup structure to support the parabolic surface. The main antenna surface is a composite laminate composed of nine 0.010 inch thick carbon fiber bi-axial layers, resulting in a 0.090 inch thick solid laminate. This layered construction using these materials provides excellent structural stiffness and low weight, as well as transportation and environmental toughness.

The forward surface of the reflector is coated with a conductive coating to provide the electrical conductivity required for RF performance, and the entire reflector is painted with white polyurethane paint.

Six of these antennas have been delivered to British Aerospace Systems.