Microstar, Inc.
15-Foot Radar Antenna

Microstar manufactured and tested this 15 foot C-band Radar Antenna for Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) for use in missile tracking and weather radar applications. The antenna consists of a spun-aluminum reflector provided by EEC and microstar's monopod eight-horn Cassegrain monopulse feed system. The antenna was assembled and tested at Microstar's antenna range facility.

The feed system uses a lightweight 20 inch diameter subreflector supported by a conical quartz-epoxy radome. The subreflector is fed by an eight-horn assembly made up of a central square monopulse feed plus four auxiliary feeds for reducing the error horn sidelobes. Connected to the central horn is a WR187 comparator to produce sum and delta outputs. The auxiliary horn outputs are coupled into the delta channels to effect sidelobe reduction.

Frequency 5.4 - 5.9 GHz
Polarization Horizontal
Gain 46.2 dBi minimum
Delta Peak Gain 41 dBi minimum
Beamwidth 0.8 degrees nominal
Sum Channel Sidelobes below -18 dB
Null Depth 35 dB minimum
RF Power Handling 1.0 MW Peak
Pressurization 30 PSIG
Weight 850 pounds