Microstar, Inc.
12-Foot Radar Antenna Specifications
Frequency Range 5.4 - 5.9 GHz
Polarization Linear
Peak Power 1.0 Megawatt with 15 PSIg pressure
Average Power 2.0 Kilowatts
Gain 43.5 dB minimum
Beamwidth 1.0 degrees nominal
Sum Channel Sidelobes below -18 dB
Difference Channel Sidelobes below -20 dB
Cross Polarization 30 dB minimum
Sum Channel VSWR 1.5 maximum
Difference Channel VSWR 1.7 maximum
Null Depth 35 dB minimum
Error Slope Error channel less than 22 dB below Sum at 1 mil off boresight
Boresight Accuracy 0.1 mil max shift over frequency band
Waveguide Interface UG406 flanges
Pressurization Withstand 30 PSIG
Mechanical Resonance 20 Hz minimum
Tracking Rate 40 degrees/sec
Tracking Acceleration 50 deg/sec/sec
Weight Less than 600 pounds
Transportable Width 86 inches max
Transportable Height 51 inches max
Operating Temperature -25 deg C to 50 deg C
Operating Wind 45 knots
Non-operating Wind 100 knots

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