Microstar, Inc.
12-Foot Radar Antenna

Microstar Inc. designed, manufactured, and tested this 4 Ft. X-band Monopulse Radar Antenna for Tracor Flight Systems Inc. Tracor incorporated the antenna into a radar system which is used by the Swedish government on their missile test range facility. The radar tracks missiles fired at decoys and accurately computes miss distance.

The antenna provides monopulse-type sum and difference patterns in the frequency range 9.0 - 9.5 GHz which are transformed into servo control signals for autotracking fast moving targets. The specifications are listed on the reverse side of this page.

The reflector is of fiberglass construction, with a surface roughness of better than 0.010 inch rms. All metal parts incorporated into the reflector are made of stainless steel. The spars which support the apex feed system are also stainless steel.

The feed system uses a four-horn common aperture configuration to provide illumination of the reflector which is optimized for good efficiency and low sidelobes. All feed components are in waveguide and pressurized, along with the radome, to 30 psig.