Microstar, Inc.
X-band With Acquisition

The 8 ft. X-band Antenna with 2 ft. Acquisition Antenna is used in high-dynamic tracking applications that require a broad beamwidth acquisition antenna to capture the target so that the narrower beam of the 8 ft. antenna can lock on. The 8 ft. reflector is fed by a 6-horn type Cassegrain feed system. The 2 ft. acquisition antenna is an offset reflector fed by a 4-horn type apex feed, which incorporates cross-polarization cancellation circuitry to eliminate the high azimuth difference-channel on-axis cross polarization generated by the offset reflector geometry.

The 8 ft. reflector is a one-piece composite structure with an extended back-up structure to support the 2 ft. acquisition antenna. Front and rear skins are 0.060 inch thick and the reflector core is 1.5 inch thick aluminum honeycomb. The subreflector for the 8 ft. Cassegrain feed is supported by a thin wall fiberglass cone which attaches to the short aluminum conical support structure that supports the feed system. The resulting 8 ft. monopod feed support is very stiff, with a very high resonant frequency. The 2 ft. reflector is a solid 0.090 thick carbon/epoxy laminate.